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from florida with loveyou are an unstable constant in my life
there is no promise of you in daybreak
and there is no lingering trace of you at night.
for three years of my life you were there
i could depend on you to house me
to feed me, to take care of me. 
but then i left because i didn't know
i didn't know what it would be like away
from your blistering chill and your great cooking. 
i have returned to you twice a year
ten years i hope you'll accept me once more
one week i hope it can feel natural again.
you send me away with bags packed and car humming
you do not plead for me to stay by your side
you leave no parting words between us. 
i cry for you every week and i'm not ashamed
i curse you before i sleep, clutching my pillow
and before i sleep i smell the garlic and coffee scent. 
i do not love the paradise you love
i hate the palm trees and i hate the sun
i hate hurricane season and i hate sandy beaches. 
i love the snow you complain about
i love burnt tongues from too hot ho
in (8) handpicked: places:bulletblue: here is a journal page for pieces of art that might inspire you the way they inspire me. 
 thank you for taking the time to bask in their beauty.


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love doesn't come with a get out of jail free card0. 
was supposed to mean
holy matrimony
and not
the body next to you.
wasn't meant to be
broken promises,
about if it's a friends house
or your current affair.
shouldn't withstand this - 
and it sure as hell wouldn't - 
if we (i) could try
Scurry to lock the door.
Toy-of-the-week has arrived.
Cover Barbies eyes.
We're doing thing she and Ken
could only dream about. 
I'm plastic and you're
perfectly chiseled to fit 
my plastic dreams. 
Rush out the window.
Put the ring back on.
Return to the kitchen.
Cover up sex with Chanel.
["You seem happier."]
("I met up with a friend.")
of alcohol
beging to clutter
the floors of the office. 
slipped between finger and
Sweet escape in the arms
of cheap booze and tobacco. 
Survive one more night,
one more lie. 
This is what suburbias about,
Crack of a whip.
Bruises to show.
Love games can only
go so far befor
in hello everyone weekly featureHello  everyone!
Please check out these very amazing  poetry fabulous works by our members!
  by :icongeo1992:
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They're doing very amazing job poetry and powerful writing skills of knowledge keep up good work :)

hungry is synonymous for weaki measure my worth
in pounds and ounces
by the glow of
my bathroom scale. 
refuse to eat
too much
even when
my stomach yearns
for the satisfaction
of a real meal. 
50 crunches
2300 calories 
100 crunches
2000 calories
i was never
or stunning
when my BMI
was insanely high.
as i lose
i gain
skip breakfast
granola for lunch
and vegetables for dinner.
am i pretty enough yet?
count each calorie
i insert
if it reaches 1000
i've had too much.

is a four letter word
that i constantly
obsess over.
reject the chocolate
be proud of the prominent
collar bones
hip bones
cheek bones
thin and skinny 
mean well 
when you become others
no one suspects
problems like this
the star athlete
the class genius
the brilliant actress
they expect it from
the ba
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Winners Fears PromptThank you for your submissions for the Fears Prompt. Check out all the submissions in the Fears Prompt Gallery at
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and Winners Fears PromptThank you for your submissions for the Fears Prompt. Check out all the submissions in the Fears Prompt Gallery at
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american dreamMy father was spoon-fed 
the American Dream,
chin dripping Old Glory,
from the day he was born. 
He regurgitates lessons 
from past generations
about how fortunate we are here,
in the land of opportunity, dreams,
A bug immigrant grandparents caught
in the wake of wars and poverty
that soon infected their children.
That later blinded my father. 
My mother - an immigrant
with anger in her veins and
the truth in her gut - 
never got bit. 
She saw through the lies,
the puppets on strings,
fighting them with words and expressions.
She pleads the first. 
And for years we have tried
to remove the veil from his eyes
and awaken his senses.
He never sees.
He never sees how
opportunity turned to debt
dreams are in the forms of welfare checks
freedom has never been for the masses. 
There is no more opportunity
when jobs cannot be created
and forty-somethings return to their parents.
There's no room for dreams
when money must be made
and the bills ar
in Faves-Of-The-Week!Welcome to FOTW! I'm sorry this is so late. I spilled coffee on my computer a few days back and it is fried. So I have limited time to post or find faves. Let's dive right in. 

I loved the honest integrity of this piece, though it may seem strange to say. There's a ridiculously small amount of writers willing to admit being favorable to what most of the world might consider 'geeky'...but is simply just a different personality. The subtle humor in this poem was refreshing and heartwarming. Very nicely done. 

Again, I love the 'crazy God' complex. At times, I agree with this poem completely. There's an all knowing being out there that supposedly knows everything that is and was and shall be, but he still let's all this f*cked up stuff happen to us and to the world around us. "With such a beautifully sadistic sense of humor." God as a sadist. Yes, I completely agree. Wonderful work. 

theres a reason lust was a sinlights off
doors locked
she knows he's here.
she can smell the
selfish desire
on his breath.
as he has his way,
she shuts her eyes.
she can't see him,
he can't see her. 
just like it always is.
just like he prefers. 
it isn't fair
her cries are silent,
and she loses feeling of
eyes shoot open.
eyes roam up.
plastic glowing stars.
only her mind. 
she imagines floating,
bouncing from cloud
to cloud.
(she imagines drowning,
the cold, the cool,
sweet relief)
she hears birds.
wings spread
soaring high.
(she thinks clipped wings,
never able to fly
she tastes red.
cherries, cola,
(she craves red.
she craves metal and
sharp edges)
she dreams of tomorrow,
one without
(she waits for tomorrow
one with
down in wonderlandyou were king.
a god amongst men,
ruling with easy smiles,
friendly eyes,
and gentle authority. 
we were weak.
spineless creatures, mortals.
bending to every whim,
every whisper,
of those far greater. 
the world was viewed from
rose-colored lenses whenever
you decided to grace us
with your humble
how we would cheer.
we would bow,
kiss the dirt at your boot.
lips touching dust always
a l w a y s
left a bitter taste. 
we were revolutionaries.
your reign was tight.
you took what women you pleased,
killed the men that were threats.
if it wasn't yours
how you longed for it.
(only if it was hand delivered
on a gold platter
inscribed with the finest jewels)
we grew weary.
we were overworked,
the lens began to slip off.
everything was seen in green.
green for disease,
for greed,
for envy. 
we were peasants,
we were promised whats was yours
was ours. 
you never expected it.
the swish of a cloak,
the slip of a sword,
a d
playing pretend shaped us to thisI am smoke filled lungs
that hack away, trying
to escape their latest hell.
I am wise beyond my years
only to those who's existence
is as long as mine. 
I am wild, unruly hair
and quick nimble feet.
Both belong to the wind.
I remind myself of
flightless birds, hoping
and dreaming but never achieving. 
I quite possibly am
a fuse lit on both ends.
Just wait for the explosion. 
I am chipping nail polish
that's lazy for a recolor. 
My color is barely-there pink.
I am salt water and buried
toes in beach sand. Welcoming
to those who brave the tides.
I am snow and hot cocoa.
Parts impossibly cold and
scalding to the touch. 
I am your favorite CD.
Welcoming, with you treasured
hits. Please give me a listen. 
in ~ART FEATURE~so <3
here is the art feature from my last journal <3
don't worry about the order, this has nothing to do with how I stand to your art <3
first things first <3
the ones who get automatically featured:

okay so <3 first of all, you're a golden-hearted little fellow <3
second ~ your Art is really gorgeous <3 you are very creative with poses and expressions,
I espescially adore your gifs and animations! you put so much effort in it,
it's just WOW <3 keep up the amazing work and stay as nice as you are <3

I think with just looking at the thumbs I chose, there is already enough said.
You are one of the ''pro (ar)ti(s)ts'' I especially adore! Your style has always been an

the snake was created in your imageyou are poison incarnate,
serpentine in your ways,
hissing out broken promises.
slither into some unsuspecting heart.
leave - for that is all
you do,
all you are capable of.
i remember tales of
the princess and her frog-prince.
how he changed with a kiss.
with a kiss, you turn from
dashing prince, chivalrous and
to croaking frog, dragging
the princess d
to the bottom of the lake.
on a summer night
time has now erased,
i whispered to you
‘be great.’
who knew your legacy
would become a harem
of girls crying out:
in Promises, Promises: A Feature

"All her work is great. I'm always excited to see her in my messages. Every piece hits a nerve and speaks to me, but this one just hits home." - inkstaineddove
Nine Words by ParsatControl by HuntingForHappinessLonely Creatures by Rieal-Dragonsbane
The Writer's Double-Edged Sword by Melissa-Dean
I love the raw emotions and how perfectly it describes a writer's struggles and effort to create. It is simply a beautiful piece and I am lucky to have stumbled across it." - Gale-OneOfMany
I Love Your Rude Interruptions by hopeburnsblueOne Window by BlackBowfinMonsanto Cafe by matrixwrath8Tablespoon Teaspoon by NichrysalisTeal by SilverInkblot
Thanks to everyone who suggested for this feature!

the snake was created in your imageyou are poison incarnate,
serpentine in your ways,
hissing out broken promises.
slither into some unsuspecting heart.
leave - for that is all
you do,
all you are capable of.
i remember tales of
the princess and her frog-prince.
how he changed with a kiss.
with a kiss, you turn from
dashing prince, chivalrous and
to croaking frog, dragging
the princess d
to the bottom of the lake.
on a summer night
time has now erased,
i whispered to you
‘be great.’
who knew your legacy
would become a harem
of girls crying out:
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